Caitlyn Jenner Surgery Addict? Doctors Think She Went Too Far

Caitlyn Jenner Surgery Addict? Doctors Think She Went Too Far
caitlyn-jenner-bruce Alberto Frank / Flickr CC
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Is Caitlyn Jenner a surgery addict? Doctors suggested that she might have gone too far.


When she came out as a transgender on the cover of “Vanity Fair” magazine last year, many were shocked at how she already looked.

A year after her biggest revelation about her real identity, many have reportedly observed that something has changed in her.

Did she undergo so many surgeries for her to look even more gorgeous?

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Radar Online had the chance to talk to a professional who validated that a number of things have indeed changed in Caitlyn Jenner.

According to Dr. Zara Harutyunyan of Los Angeles City’s Cosmetic Rejuvenation, her fuller lips and cheeks and smoother forehead are among the obvious changes in her physical appearance.

The medical professional theorized that the 66-year-old former Olympic gold medallist has had Ultherapy (ultrasound) non-surgical face and neck lift.

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“In addition, it looks like her brows and upper eyelids are lifted, which means she probably had a brow lift!” Dr. Harutyunyan said.

Her claim was supported by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the so-called doctor of the stars “Dr. Miami” who commented that Caitlyn Jenner “certainly had more lip fillers to make them plumper. Her forehead and eyebrows suggest that she’s had a forehead lift.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Tony Youn surmised that the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star seemed to have a Botox Brow wherein the one who receives too many botox injections on the forehead eventually displays excessively arched brows.

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On the other hand, Daily Mail UK reported that the “I Am Cait” star flew to Ohio on Tuesday to be with her fellow Republicans who will gather for the “Big Tent Brunch.”

Clad in white long-sleeve blouse paired with beige trousers and cream peep-toe sandals, the athlete-turned-reality show star will be joining the event hosted by several pro-LGBT rights Republican groups on Wednesday morning.

It can be recalled that the decision of Caitlyn Jenner to support Donald Trump reportedly took place when the presidential candidate stated that trans Americans can “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.”

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