Caitlyn Jenner Still Signs Her Name Bruce After Gender Change

Caitlyn Jenner Still Signs Her Name Bruce After Gender Change
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Caitlyn Jenner has made a decision to file for a name change for legal purposes as she has changed gender from male to female. Now, she has documents signed with a male name, so she wants a judge to change it to that of Caitlyn Marie Jenner.


In the documents, she checks the box saying she wants a legal gender change since her legal name is Bruce Jenner, a male one.

According to TMZ, Caitlyn says she wants to have her legal documents, including medical ones, kept safe so that they won’t be published. In her declaration, she insists that despite overwhelming support from the public, she still receives negative attention from private citizens. Some of them even threaten that they are going to harm her. The is the main reason why she wants to avoid public discussions and doesn’t approve of information disclosure.

The full name on the documents, William Bruce Jenner, will be changed to Caitlyn Jenner if the declaration filed on September 15 is approved. She wants a new birth certificate issued with new data accounted, according to E Online. Caitlyn Jenner also stated a reason for gender change, which she mentioned in the declaration filed, saying it would match her identity better.

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Despite the fact that Caitlyn Jenner attached a physician’s declaration among her other documents, the decision is still pending. The result of the filing is still being awaited.