Caitlyn Jenner Refuses To Dance With Men During Salsa Class, Afraid Of Kids’ Reaction

Caitlyn Jenner Refuses To Dance With Men During Salsa Class, Afraid Of Kids’ Reaction
Photo Credit: Disney | ABC Television Group via Compfight cc
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Caitlyn Jenner may have already been accepted as a lady, but she is still not comfortable to dance with men. In her new show I Am Cait’s March 20 episode, she refused to dance with the salsa with a male partner.


The sneak peak of the episode shows her putting her foot down in a salsa class. She feels that her kids will not be able to digest it well. The 66-year-old reality star is still not comfortable, Us Magazine mentions. Jenner says in the sneak peak, “I am not comfortable with doing this,” adding, “That ain’t happening.”

She also mentioned, “That picture is going to go all over the world, and I don’t want my kids to see that.”

Even Candis Cayne, her friend, told the cameras, “Honestly, Caitlyn hasn’t really embraced those sides of her feminine self yet.” Her becoming a transgender had a different impact on her family. While Kylie Jenner said she has known her entire life that her dad was a woman, Khloé Kardashian referred to it as a loss.

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Caitlyn Jenner, previously known as Bruce, came out as a transgender in 2015. She officially got the status in September 2015. The former athlete has her own show, “I Am Cait.” Her former wife, Kris Jenner, has a major role in the show.

In a recent interview, the Daily Mail reports that it was liberating and devastating to bid goodbye to Bruce. She said, “Yeah when you get name changed, gender marker changed, you know it is the right thing to do in your heart, sometimes I do feel like I was throwing him out and that was tough.”

Now that Caitlyn Jenner is not able to dance with men, the question that arises is if she has accepted the transformation or not.