Caitlyn Jenner Endorsing Donald Trump Now For Allowing Her To Pee In Trump Tower’s Female Restroom?

Caitlyn Jenner Endorsing Donald Trump Now For Allowing Her To Pee In Trump Tower’s Female Restroom?
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Donald Trump once said the transgender Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) can use whichever bathroom she wanted at Trump Tower. The reality TV star actually took on Trump’s offer!


The bathroom issue between Trump and Jenner started when the GOP frontrunner appeared on “The Today Show” last week, and stated his stand on HB2, the controversial North Carolina bill that prohibits transgenders for using the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

On Wednesday, CNN stated that Jenner posted a video on Facebook that showed herself took a pee in Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City, in the bathroom designated for females.

According to NBC News, before the retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete entered the real estate mogul’s headquarters, Jenner said that the Republican candidate allowed her to pee anywhere at a Trump facility. That’s why Jenner took a leak in the ladies room.

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The American TV personality Jenner said in the video, “A transgender woman in New York, I gotta take a pee. Anyways, Oh my God, Trump International Tower, I love this.”

After Jenner walked out of the women’s bathroom, Jenner expressed her gratitude to Trump and then, slammed a reference to the junior United States Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, by saying, “By the way Ted, nobody got molested.”

As Telegraph also claimed, senator Cruz contradicted Trump’s stance on the restroom issue. THe senator said children within the restroom can be potential victims of sexual assault if “men” are allowed to use women’s restrooms.

Senator Cruz released an ad before, stating, “Should a grown man pretending to be a woman be allowed to use the women’s restroom? The same restroom used by your daughter? Your wife? Donald Trump thinks so. It’s not appropriate. It’s not safe.”

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