Burger King Wants To Make ‘McWhoppers,’ Not War, With McDonald’s

Burger King Wants To Make ‘McWhoppers,’ Not War, With McDonald’s
Picture from McWhopper Website
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It seems fast food chain Burger King is thinking about making burgers – not war – as it recently approached one of its largest competitors to extend an olive branch. In fact, it is proposing to have a so-called ceasefire with McDonald’s. Enough of the “burger wars,” the company said.

This effort to bury the rivalry between the competitors is done in conjunction with a proposal that is asking for September 21 to be known as Peace Day. The latter proposal is from a Peace One Day, a non profit organization that dares to ask “who will you make peace with.” So in honor of the organization’s efforts and in support of Peace Day, Burger King is hoping it can create something special with McDonald’s like, say, the McWhopper.


Burger King believes the McWhopper would be “one delicious, peace-loving burger.” The two giant fast food chains can develop the burger together and later on, cook it and serve it. The McWhopper would be served only on Peace Day 2015 and Burger King proposes that proceeds can benefit Peace One Day. Burger King believes that a handful of McDonald’s crew members combining McDonald’s burger ingredients with Burger King’s can make the McWhopper possible.

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Moreover, Burger King believes that since the two brands are well-positioned to influence people around the world, it only makes sense to do something like this together. After all, Burger King is confident that the McWhopper can “make noise.”

Another guy loving the idea is Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley. Of the idea of a McWhopper, he says, “It walks the walk. It leads by example.” Moreover, he believes that corporate activation that is done in a massive scale such as what Burger King is proposing, can lead to mass awareness. Awareness would then lead to action. And action, in turn, can save lives. Gilley very much hopes that McDonald’s is on board.

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Burger King is very serious about its one-day proposal. The company has already even managed to identify an ideal location for the one-day event. This would be in Atlanta since it is a halfway point between McDonald’s HQ in Chicago and Burger King’s HQ in Miami. They have even also come up with a possible design for a pop-up restaurant. And yes, they also have the uniforms and burger packaging figured out. Social media campaign can also be started with a #SETTLETHEBEEF campaign. Only one thing remains, for McDonald’s to say yes.

McDonald’s, for its part, took to Facebook to address Burger King. While it appreciates Burger King’s peace proposal, the fast food giant believes that a phone call would have sufficed. Nonetheless, McDonald’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook said, “We’ll be in touch.”