Bug Makes Your iPhone Crash By Receiving A Single Text

Bug Makes Your iPhone Crash By Receiving A Single Text
Apple Store Håkan Dahlström / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

A bug has been found to cause the Messages app of the iOS to crash upon receiving a single text. The text having such power looks like a string of Arabic characters and symbols.


The viral text triggers iPhone crashes, a complete lockout from the Messages app, Springboard crashes and even more. However, this is not the first time that such a bug has emerged in iOS; there are several earlier reports as well.

These bugs are usually fixed by Apple quite rapidly, but until it is fixed, this can be a serious problem. The bug enables any prank to crash your iPhone and cause unwanted disturbance.

According to Apple Insider, the string of text is very specific, and the issue is centered around iPhone devices. Unless you are a specific target, there is a rare chance of encountering that specific text on your Messages that will result into the crash.

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Before Apple comes up with a complete fix for this iOS messaging bug, several easy processes to nullify the effect of the text have been worked out. When the person who previously sent the malicious message sends you another normal text, the effect of the initial strand is cancelled. Sending yourself a message through Siri, the Share Sheet or your PC also solves the issue by nullifying the impact of the malicious string of texts.