Buffalo Bills Release Running Back Fred Jackson

Buffalo Bills Release Running Back Fred Jackson
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The Buffalo Bills on Monday released running back Fred Jackson. Jackson had an 8-year stint with the Bills as a running back and was considered as “heart and soul” of the franchise before he was finally released.

The Buffalo Bills, in a bid to reduce the number of players in their roster, cut down the veteran running back, according to NFL writer Vic Carruci.  The move will also help the Bills financially, as Jackson’s deal was worth $2.35 million for 2015.


Jackson was plagued by a hamstring injury and missed several weeks of action due to it. On Saturday only, he made his preseason debut against Pittsburgh Steelers. He dished out an impressive 48 yards on just 5 carries. He also posted a touchdown.

The Bills signed LeSean McCoy in the off-season. But then it was presumed that Jackson would remain in the Bills’ roster as a veteran custodian.

The running back has nearly two weeks to sign and get going with a new team.

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Fantasy value on hold

34-year-old Jackson still has a real chance of entering fantasy discussions if placed in the right team. He had no chance to become a fantasy asset in Bills as long McCoy was healthy. At this age, the veteran running back’s ceiling is limited. He might get more workload in a team’s offense that aims at exploiting his experience.

Jackson, though, remains an “asset” to his former teammates and fans. Bills players expressed heartfelt shock and respect for Jackson. The fans were reportedly angry.

“Nobody’s guaranteed a spot, so if nobody has an eye-opener after that,” fifth-year safety Aaron Williams said.

“It’s just like having your brother be gone. He picked me up from Day 1, and that’s all I’ve known since I’ve been here was No. 22.”