Broncos Rumors: Trevor Siemian To Start During Week 1?

Broncos Rumors: Trevor Siemian To Start During Week 1?
Trevor Siemian Wikipedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Trevor Siemian has beaten Mark Sanchez and rookie Paxton Lynch in the race for the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback, at least for Week 1 of the new season, per several reports.


All through training camp and the preseason, Broncos coach Gary Kubiak gave ample opportunities to all three players before making a decision.

Siemian sealed the starting role after the Broncos’ 17-9 victory against the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday which saw the second year quarterback finish 10-of-17 for 122 yards with a TD and an interception.

Trevor Siemian seals the deal?

Sanchez, who began the preseason as the starter, warmed the bench as Lynch substituted Siemian as the No. 2 option during Saturday’s game. After the win, Kubiak said he had reached a decision on who would start the season opener against the Carolina Panthers on September 8.

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“I’ve got a lot invested and a lot of work that I can make some decisions off of now. I’ll do that. Does that mean I’m going to do it (Sunday) or Monday? I don’t know. I’ve got enough going on that I can make a decision,” said the Broncos coach, hinting that Saturday’s game will influence his decision.

The reigning Super Bowl champions entered the offseason in a quarterback dilemma after Brock Osweiler departed to the Houston Texans for a maximum-level contract in the aftermath of Peyton Manning’s retirement. After signing Sanchez in free agency, the Broncos drafted Lynch.

Broncos coach impressed

While praising Siemian’s performance, Kubiak highlighted a play in which the sophomore led a scoring dive which ended with an interception.

“I’m impressed (with Siemian). I think he’s very calm. I can tell by the way he handles the team in the huddle, he’s got control of what’s going on. Gets a bad break on the ‘go’ ball and comes right back and goes down the field. I think what I see is a guy getting better.

“…I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m going to make a decision this week. … I’m going to do that, but at the same time, I’ve got a lot of things going on. I’ll take my time and do it the right way,” concluded Kubiak.

Meanwhile, rookie Lynch finished 6-of-13 passing for 57 yards. Incidentally, neither Lynch nor Siemian have thrown a pass in an NFL regular season game. Despite Sanchez’s past experiences, it seems like the Broncos are going with the youth movement.

Trevor Siemian, 24, was drafted in the 7th round during the 2015 NFL Draft. He made his debut against the Steelers on December 20, 2015. That remains his only game since arriving in Denver.

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