Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens To Headline WWE WrestleMania 33?

Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens To Headline WWE WrestleMania 33?
Brock Lesnar Megan Elice Meadows / Flickr cc
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Kevin Owens vs. Brock Lesnar could be a possible card for Wrestlemania 33 assuming that the creative team find it the best card to make over others. It could be for the WWE Universal champion assuming that KO is still champion by April, 2017.


While it may make sense, it somehow lacks the flare that most would expect from a big event such as Wrestlemania. Both Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar are technically heel wrestlers though that may change if the WWE suddenly makes one of them the baby face star.

Lesnar has been proven to play both sides (somehow). From the looks of it, the “Beast Incarnate” may just take on that role with Kevin Owens serving best as the heel. As far as the match goes, there is no doubt that Lesnar will run roughshod over the Canadian unless the latter resorts to dirty tactics.

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Should Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens be booked?

We come to the point of weighing in if a Lesnar vs. Owens is good for WWE business. Lesnar is a powerhouse and he has proven to dismantle anyone standing in his path. But how does Kevin Owen insert himself in a feud with someone who is the obvious favorite?

Even if Owens is Universal champion, he lacks a certain spunk that makes him an established main card wrestler. He is being molded into a “Seth Rollins II” of sorts but the star power is simply lacking.

Hence, this is one card that could make sense depending on the evolution of Owens in the next four to five months. He may be champion but the focus is obviously still on Rollins and other stars.

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Still sensible is a feud with either Chris Jericho or Sami Zayn. A sudden rivalry with Lesnar just doesn’t make sense for now with Owens still considered a bit raw on WWE Raw.

For Lesnar, he would still be best put in a match opposite someone like Golderg or even the Undertaker. Somehow that makes more sense than someone still on the ropes like Owens.

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