Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg To Headline WrestleMania 33?

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg To Headline WrestleMania 33?
Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar Miguel Discart / Flickr cc

Wrestlemania 33 is months off though most have already come up with their own set of dream matches. Thanks to some added publicity mostly coming from WWE 2K17, one rematch most would like to see is Brock Lesnar facing Bill Goldberg once again.


Lesnar has been on a tear with his vicious matches, the last of which was that controversial win over Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2016. On the other end, Goldberg has been doing more off-screen roles but has kept in shape. So will it happen?

Goldberg, Lesnar Tease Match

Both sides have sent warning shots at one point though most have considered them as nothing more than hype for WWE 2K17.

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On Goldbergs’ end, a return would be possible for the sake of his son. Apparently, he wants to show his offspring that dad still has what it takes to compete in the squared circle. He hasn’t wrestled since 2004 as mentioned in a previous post.

Lesnar needs no preparation. He is ready at any time and has every reason to face Goldberg. At Wrestlemania 20, he lost to Goldberg so payback could be a good story angle.

Advantage Lesnar?

With consideration to their respective states, there is no denying that a potential match at Wrestlemania 33 would favor Lesnar. He has been active in the WWE and has had his UFC moments. On both counts, Lesnar is devastating.

Goldberg was once a feared star but his time-off could be a liability. A potential encounter with Lesnar will be different from the last time they faced each other at Wrestlemania 20.

WWE Needs this Booking

There is no question that it is the WWE who stands to gain if a Goldberg vs. Lesnar II is booked for Wrestlemania 33. Both have aged but the star power is still imminent, Forbes reported.

There is no confirmation for now but both seem to be hinting at one. Will Vince McMahon make the call? Passing it could be a foolish move!

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