Brock Lesnar Update: WWE, UFC Superstar Blaming Asthma Inhaler For Failed Drug Test

Brock Lesnar Update: WWE, UFC Superstar Blaming Asthma Inhaler For Failed Drug Test
Brock Lesnar Miguel Discart / Flickr cc
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Brock Lesnar’s failed drug tests continue to be in the air tied up to his recent participation at UFC 200. Lesnar did score a unanimous decision win over Mark Hunt in Las Vegas but all that was tainted with doping issues.


The UFC has come under fire for the issue, particularly because the company made it easy for Lesnar to return to the Octagon. “The Beast” is still hooked up with the WWE and the rare appearance caught many by surprise.

The failed UFC drug test is expected to be discussed when he returns to the WWE. Questions are now in the air on whether chairman Vince McMahon would go easy on Lesnar or employ the same suspension the company meted out to Roman Reigns.

Lesnar innocent?

While Lesnar and company vowed to get to the bottom of these doping allegations, a teammate has come forward to stand up for Brock. Opting to be known only as “D2,” he claims that the findings may be a result of an inhaler Lesnar is using.

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According to D2, Lesnar suffers from RAD (Reactive Airway Disease). The inhaler known as “Advair Diskus” is something he has been using for years now, meant to help him breathe particularly during late Spring and Summer months. The drug is classified as Beta 2 Agonists, which could be the reason why he failed the test.

“It’s really just a formality though, because he should of been give a TUE just like people do who have ADHD and take Adderall that fight in the UFC, or other pain killers for injuries,” said D2 via Hollywood Life. “He passed the other 7 tests and was not using any GH or Anabolic agents of any kind which everyone is assuming.”

Right now it remains to be seen if this claim will hold up with the manner of handling the Lesnar-Hunt match carrying a lot of controversy. More so, it will be interesting if the WWE will do its own testing or act on the USADA findings immediately.

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  • Scott Blakula

    A retraction or update to this story is really needed, the “supposed” training partner turned out to be a someone trolling on the Sherdog forum, as per its moderators.

    Also, Morning News USA needs to consider vetting their sources. The article you sourced got their report from an internet forum (that they didn’t link).