British Airways Introduces Boarding Pass Scanners For Apple Watch Users

British Airways Introduces Boarding Pass Scanners For Apple Watch Users

British Airways has noticed that the number of Apple Watch users recently increased at the airport. A rise of 386 percent was marked between June and October. So British Airways has decided to get new boarding pass scanners for Apple Watches at the airport.


Earlier, there were only traditional mounted scanners at the airport designed for slim smartphones and paper tickets. People were unable to fit their wrists with the Apple Watch in between the scanner. But with the new scanners introduced at the London’s Heathrow Airport, the problem will be solved to a large extent. BA now plans to bring these scanners to other airports as well. Right now, 36 scanners are installed at the check-in desks at Heathrow’s two terminals, Terminal 3 and 5. According to the airline, the scanners will be put to use starting December 15.

The head of British Airways mobile service and website said in a statement, “We are always striving to make our customers’ journeys easier through use of technology. When we saw the dramatic rise in the number of people using the app on their Apple Watches we knew we needed to create new features in the terminal which would make the experience even better for them.”

BA is also planning to launch an all-new iPad app early in 2016. This proves that Apple Watch is getting popular every day, and even if it is not, now it will. After all, who wouldn’t want a boarding pass on his or her wrist?

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