British Accent Detected From Russian Jet Bombers

British Accent Detected From Russian Jet Bombers
Photo Credit: twicepix via Compfight cc
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Birmingham and London accents were traced among terrorists heard celebrating minutes after the Russian plane exploded midair. The “chatter” was heard by UK’s secret listening service, the GCHQ.


Terrorist group affiliated to the ISIS in the Sinai area of Egypt was heard celebrating moments after the Russian plane was downed, an unnamed intelligence official has divulged to the Express. “A closer analysis of that material has identified London and Birmingham accents among those numerous voices. There has also been some internet traffic suggesting that there was British involvement in the attack. This was a very sophisticated, carefully planned operation involving many moving parts,” the source said.

Now intelligence fears that the success in destroying Russia’s Metrojet plane will spark optimism among terrorists that the same attack can be successfully conducted aboard British planes. This is the same fear shared by U.S. officials as a possible 9/11-style attack may happen in the coming days.

“We know there are British jihadists in Egypt fighting with members of Islamic State. They were trained in Syria and are now hardened terrorists. Some of the Britons have an electronics background and have been developing some very sophisticated bombs,” the source went on saying, adding that these terrorists may have been perfecting the use of different types of explosives for future attacks of the same kind.

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Speaking with BBC, UK’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond now said that airstrikes against the ISIS is now very much on the table. “When we think it is the right thing to do and we are confident we have a consensus in the House of Commons to get a majority we will go back to Parliament,” Hammond said.