Brit Awards 2016 Highlights: Adele Swears On Stage

Brit Awards 2016 Highlights: Adele Swears On Stage
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Adele’s song “Hello” may have triggered the “Last Song Syndrome” for many, but last Wednesday, she amazed a lot of her fans, this time, by winning four awards in one night. The Grammy winner not only swore on stage during her acceptance speech, she also smooched Justin Bieber! Frankly speaking, she definitely aced the Brit Awards 2016!


Last Wednesday, Adele was the main highlight during Brit Awards 2016 not only because she wowed the audience with her performance of “When We Were Young,” reports The Guardian, but also because she showed support for Kesha, who’s currently battling a lawsuit against Dr. Luke. Adele also kissed Justin Bieber, and oh yeah, swore on stage!

As reported by People, Adele won the award for Best Female Solo Artist at the Brit Awards 2016 along with three other awards. Her acceptance speeches were diverse enough; first, she thanked her management team and record label for making her music comeback epic. Afterwards, she showed her support for Kesha by saying, “I’d also like to take this moment to publicly support Kesha.”

Secondly, she also smooched Justin Bieber for everyone to see. When she went back on stage to grab another award, she said, “Everyone’s been amazing so far… I thought you were going to set us on fire, though, Justin.” Seems like she has the hots for the “Sorry” singer, eh?

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Thirdly, if she hasn’t captured everyone’s interest for going back on stage several times to grab the awards, she also swore on stage while delivering her acceptance speech. The “Hello” singer said, “Thank you. I can’t work out if I’m crying because of that video or because [astronaut] Tim Peake did it. My kid is going to think I’m so cool. That was really amazing and I’m honestly…” Then, wait for it… she said, “Oh, God, sorry… you’re probably getting f—ing bored of me anyway.” Naughty, Adele!

However, when she came back on stage to receive another award (Yes, she aced four), she stated, “I’m really sorry about swearing earlier and I’m really sorry for the ugly cry face. I think now would be the time to thank people like the fans. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but you’re so amazing. Thank you so much. Honestly, you’re incredible. You blow me away every time.”

Well, folks. She did apologize. Kudos, though, to Adele for winning four times at the Brit Awards 2016, for kissing Justin Bieber, and… for getting away with that censored acceptance speech.

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