Bride And Groom Welcome Wedding Crasher – POTUS, For Pete’s Sake!

Bride And Groom Welcome Wedding Crasher – POTUS, For Pete’s Sake!
Photo Gianni Scognamiglio / Unsplash

The bride ran in Nina heels and a Monique Lhullier gown in tears as she welcomed delightfully a gate crasher in their wedding. This particular gate crasher delayed the wedding ceremony, but what can the bride and groom do? It is the president of the United States, for Pete’s sake!


Stephanie and Brian Tobe knew that President Barack Obama was just in a rancho, near their wedding venue at Torrey Pines Golf Course. However, they did not expect to see him at the golf course where their wedding is going to be held.

So much so that when Obama suddenly showed up as they prepared for their wedding, they could not contain their excitement. Stephanie told ABC News she was in the middle of having her make-up on when their visitors outside lined up to shake hands with the president. She knew she was not allowed to go outside, so she just looked at the president through her room’s window.

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However, her photographers thought it will be a dramatic moment to photograph the bride and groom with the president. And so they let them run to meet Mr. Obama. “As we were running out there, I started crying … It was an emotional experience and then to see the sitting president there was even wilder,” Stephanie shared.

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The groom said they had their first marriage advice from Mr. Obama. “Right when we saw him, Stephanie got to him first. And he said congrats to Stephanie right away. And at that moment he pointed out that my foot was actually on the train or the trail of her wedding dress on the ground and he said, I don’t remember his exact words, but he’s so relaxed, and he says nope, nope you know… you can’t step on the wedding dress,” Brian said.

Photographer Erin Youngren said she did not wake up on Sunday morning thinking “THAT” was going to happen.When Jeff and I were driving up to the wedding that morning, Jeff casually mentioned that the President was staying at Rancho Valencia, another resort in San Diego that we love to photograph, and we joked that Brian and Stephanie should have chosen THAT as their wedding venue instead,” Erin wrote on her website.

Erin said Mr. Obama surprised everyone when he initiated shaking hands with people. She stopped taking photographs and lined up with the crowd. She was in the middle of the phrase she had been practicing for years – “It is such an honor to meet you Mr. President” – when photographer Jeff, her husband, shouted over the radio in her earpiece: “We’re coming down with Brian and Stephanie!! Hold him if you can!!” And the rest was history.