Brendan Dassey Release: Read Actual Release Plan Here

Brendan Dassey Release: Read Actual Release Plan Here
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While the Wisconsin Attorney General is appealing a federal judge’s ruling of overturning the murder conviction of Brendan Dassey, nephew of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery, the now 26-year-old convict is requesting to be released from prison.


Dassey was convicted for allegedly acting as his uncle’s accomplice in the murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach. Last month, a federal judge overturned his conviction, ruling it unlawful as the confession of the crime during interrogation with the police was coerced.

Brendan Dassey release

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel said earlier this month that he will be appealing the judge’s decision.

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In a motion filed on Wednesday Dassey’s attorney highlights that her client, who has spent the last nearly 10 years in prison, is held in custody for a conviction that was overturned by a federal judge. WBAY reports that the attorney “argues that the state has not demonstrated a strong likelihood of success on appeal.”

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The attorney further says that Dassey, who was 16 when he was convicted, has had no prior criminal record. In his time behind bars, he has had only two minor disciplinary infractions.

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Brendan Dassey release plan created by attorney

According to the proposed release plan as outlined in the appeal – which in its entirety can be read here – an arrangement would allow the petitioner “to spend the initial one to three months of his release on bond living in a family owned trailer with his mother” in rural Northeast Wisconsin.

Upon his release, Dassey will begin “participating in educational, vocational, and therapeutic services in the Brown County area.”

The addresses of proposed released locations have been disclosed in order to “protect the privacy and safety needs of Brendan and his family.”

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