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Brazil Football Team Plane Crash: Chapecoense Real Members, Photos And Videos

Brazil Football Team Plane Crash: Chapecoense Real Members, Photos And Videos
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Brazil Football Team Plane Crash: Chapecoense Real Members, Photos And Videos


Danilo died from his injuries despite initially surviving the crash.


Reported survivors as of this time include Defender Alan Ruschel, 27, goalkeepers Jakson Follmann and Danilo and a Brazilian journalist. They are among those  pulled out from the crash. 


There was a horrifying plane crash involving members of Chapecoense Real, the Brazilian football team. The plane carried around 70 people including the football players when it crashed in Columbia.

Details thus far are not yet complete, but photos and videos taken before the crash can give a rough idea as to who were in the plane before the disaster.

After the Munich Air Disaster of 1958, which shattered Manchester United, it seems like 2016 has a similar horrifying story for the Chapecoense.

Who among the members of the Chapecoense Real team are in the crash?

According to BBC, the chartered plane reportedly flew from Bolivia. The details about the incident are not yet comprehensive. However, there are reported survivors.

There have been certain images and videos of the real members of the Chapecoense team before they got on to the flight. Furthermore, images of the plane have also started to surface on Twitter.

Consequently, the video that has surfaced on Twitter was shot moments before the team along with the players set their foot on the plane. According to The Guardian, the airport authorities have confirmed that the plane was carrying the players of the Chapecoense team from Brazil.

The plane reportedly carried the Argentina national team this month. Federico Gutierrez, the mayor of Medellin, has claimed that there’s a possibility of survivors. The names are unknwon so far, but the videos and photos can give us an idea.

Gutierrez has also said that the incident was “a tragedy of huge proportions”. BBC has reported that the plane crash happened outside the city on a mountainous area before local midnight time. The final will not continue.

Jose Maria Cordova de Rionegro airport tweeted, “Confirmed, the aircraft licence number CP2933 was carrying the team @ChapecoenseReal. Apparently there are survivors”

Chapecoense Real team members thought to be part of the crash.

While details are unconfirmed, these are the names of the football players thought to be on board:

  1. Danilo
  2. Gimenez
  3. Rafael Lima
  4. Neto
  5. Josimar
  6. Dener
  7. Lourency
  8. Gil (on loan from Coritiba)
  9. Bruno Rangel
  10. Hyoran
  11. Ananias (on loan from Cruzeiro)
  12. Marcelo Boeck
  13. Marcelo
  14. Mateus Caramelo (on loan from São Paulo)
  15. Lucas Gomes (on loan from Londrina)
  16. Willian Thiego
  17. Moises
  18. Nenem
  19. Kempes
  20. Sergio Manoel
  21. Nivaldo
  22. Jakson Follmann
  23. Claudio Winck (on loan from Internacional)
  24. Demerson
  25. Filipe Machado
  26. Arthur Maia (on loan from Vitoria)
  27. Ailton Canela
  28. Matheus Biteco (on loan from Hoffenheim)
  29. Rafael Bastos
  30. Alejandro Martinuccio
  31. Cleber Santana (captain)
  32. Alan Ruschel (on loan from Internacional)
  33. Tiaguinho

The team was on their way to play against Atlético Nacional, a Colombian side, in the first leg of the Copa Sundamericana final. The match was to kick off on 30th November in Medellin.

Meanwhile, the Chapecoense was founded in 1973. They are from the city of Chapecó in the Santa Catarina state. they play in Serie A, Brazil’s top division. They have been in the first flight since 2014.

This is a developing story. Article will be updated.

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