Jennifer Aniston Round 2: Brad Pitt Bored With Marriage, Divorcing Angelina Jolie For Marion Cotillard?

Jennifer Aniston Round 2: Brad Pitt Bored With Marriage, Divorcing Angelina Jolie For Marion Cotillard?
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Is Brad Pitt going to do it again? Leave his wife for someone he worked with? If the new rumors can be trusted, then yes. Could this be “Mr & Mrs. Smith” fiasco all over again? Brad Pitt admitted he was bored with life married to Jennifer Aniston once, could he be feeling this once more?


According to a new report, Pitt is cheating of wife Angelina Jolie with Marion Cotillard, the actress he worked with in his new WWII film, “Five Seconds of Silence.” An insider told Star that, “There is totally something going on between [Brad and Marion].” The insider added that “They had insane chemistry right from the start, and many crewmembers believe they’ve been acting on it in private.”

The insider added that Marion and Pitt already have pet names for each other! The actress also reportedly “lights up” whenever she spots Pitt. Someone probably had a mad crush, and the feelings are starting to be mutual.

Divorce rumors have been running rampant for quite some time now, aided by Jolie’s frail and unhealthy look of late. This new rumor is bound to intensify the divorce speculations.

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If the rumor is true, many are bound to ponder on the irony. After all, it can be remembered how Pitt reportedly felt an attraction to Angelina Jolie when they were filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” He eventually divorced Aniston and entered into a romantic relationship with Jolie. Brangelina got married at a secret ceremony on 23 August 2014. The wedding was made extra special with the presence of their six kids.

Can Brad Pitt really leave his family just because he worked with someone interesting? Can Marion Cotillard afford to wreck a very public family that of Brangelina’s? Is Angelina Jolie becoming sick with worry, as recent reports suggest? Or is she too busy with her humanitarian works, acting career, and mommy duties that she is forgetting to shower Pitt with attention? Is Pitt starting to feel like is uninteresting again and that he needs something or someone new?

Pitt had once shared to Esquire magazine that he was “wasting” his life away while married to Jennifer Aniston. He shared that he felt uninspired when he was married to Aniston and Jolie was able to “unleash” his full potential. In 2011, he also told Parade magazine that he felt ‘pathetic’ and that he ‘wasn’t living an interesting life.”

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