Boy, 11, Shoots Girl, 8, Over Puppy Argument

Boy, 11, Shoots Girl, 8, Over Puppy Argument
puppy Lisa L Wiedmeier / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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An argument over puppies had a girl shot with a shotgun by her playmate. The playmate is now charged with first-degree murder and could be tried as an adult.


The eleven-year-old boy, whose identity remained confidential for security reasons, showed 8-year-old McKayla Dyer his puppy. Neighbor Chasity Arwood told Local8 Now that the boy had his bedroom window open to show Dyer his puppy. He then asked Dyer to show him her own puppies. Dyer giggled teasingly and said “no.” She was telling him something but the boy shot him mid-sentence.

According to police, Dyer died of a gunshot wound in the chest. Twelve-gauge shotgun and BB pistol were found at the crime scene.

Arwood said their hearts go out both to Dyer’s mother and the boy’s parents. “No mother should have to bury her baby. No child should be around a gun,” she said.

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The two families have both moved out after the incident. Arwood is now taking care of Dyer’s two puppies but they kept coming back to Dyer’s home looking for the girl. WATE’s Mona Nair took a photo of one of the puppy sleeping at the door of the Dyer’s home, waiting for her to show up.

Speaking with WATE, Latasha Dyer, the victim’s mother, said her daughter was found dead on the ground. “She was a precious little girl, she was a mommy’s girl, no matter how bad of a mood you were in she could always make you smile,” Latasha said.

Latasha recalled that the incident was not the first time that they had a problem with the boy. When their family has just moved in to White Pine, the boy was bullying her daughter. He was making fun of her, inventing names to call her and was just being mean all the time.

“I want her back in my arms, this is not fair, hold and kiss you’re babies every night because you’re never promised the next day with them,” Latasha lamented.