Boxing News: Canelo Alvarez Will Avoid Gennady Golovkin In 2017, Says Trainer

Boxing News: Canelo Alvarez Will Avoid Gennady Golovkin In 2017, Says Trainer
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Gennady Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez thinks Canelo Alvarez is all hype. He expects the Mexican pugilist to back out from the rumored September 2017 mega-fight.


Sanchez believes the much-awaited showdown between Alvarez and Golovkin will instead happen in 2018. He disagrees with Oscar De La Hoya, who said Alvarez needs at least two more fights to develop into a true middleweight.

“I think he’s afraid of losing, I don’t think he’s afraid of Golovkin, I just think he has the fear of losing again. I think Oscar has the fear of him losing again,” Sanchez mused, via On The Ropes Boxing Radio. “I don’t think that fight will happen, and if it does happen, you’re talking about 2018 not 2017.”

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The veteran trainer speculated that Alvarez would have been fighting at middleweight by now had Golovkin moved up to super middleweight. He said, “I think they are waiting for Golovkin to move out of the way. If Golovkin weren’t a middleweight, Canelo would be a real comfortable middleweight and would be living the life.”

Alvarez got his first taste of middleweight glory in May. He scored a sixth-round knockout against British boxer Amir Khan to earn the vacated WBC middleweight belt.

The WBC then ordered him to fight a mandatory challenger, who at that time happened to be Golovkin. Not wanting to be pressured by the deadline, Alvarez relinquished the title and went back to the light middleweight category.

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Earlier this week, De La Hoya confirmed that he has called Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler to negotiate the terms of a possible Alvarez vs Golovkin fight. Loeffler did not accept Golden Boy’s initial offer because it was disrespectfully unfair to his fighter.

“A flat fee for a fight is usually given to a fighter or contender who’s clearly the ‘B’ side,” Loeffler shared to Los Angeles Times. “My offer back to [Golden Boy] was based on a percentage, just like we saw in the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao agreement.”

Golovkin is currently the IBF, IBO, WBA and WBC middleweight championship. He is undefeated in 36 fights. His last three bouts garnered sold-out crowds at Madison Square Garden, The Forum and O2 Arena in London.

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