Boxing Loss Spells Win For Pacquiao’s Political Battle

Boxing Loss Spells Win For Pacquiao’s Political Battle
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Manny Pacquiao lost the super fight at MGM Grand against Floyd Mayweather and is currently out of the rings for almost 12 months due to a shoulder surgery, but that could be a catalyst for staging a greater comeback in the political arena. In a country where political programs are secondary and elections are mere forms of entertainment, Pacquiao can flex his muscle easily by virtue of his star power and wealth.


Pacquiao might be eying a higher slot in office, but his record is allegedly poor for that of an incumbent congressman. To be known as a celebrity-saint, he doles out huge amounts of money for the 144 villages in southern Sarangani province and the seven municipalities of the region ever year, according to the Associated Press.

And Manny Pacquiao has raked in more than 100 million dollars despite losing the fight of the century at Las Vegas on May 2. The bible-quoting boxer has also enough time in his hands to fulfill his political ambitions.

The laws of the Philippines prevent anyone from running for President until he turns 40. Currently, a seat in the Senate might be the next step for the ace pugilist who hails from a humble background. Politicians use this position as a springboard for grabbing higher positions. As Pacquiao himself revealed, “thoughts on the presidency… are merely aspirational.”

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His first run for the premiere post could be in 2022.

Pacquiao is now facing disciplinary actions and several damage suits in the U.S. for alleged fraud, as he didn’t reveal his injury in the pre-match questionnaire.

“When the injury had not yet been disclosed, people were blaming Floyd Mayweather for the lackluster fight because he resorted to hit-and-run tactics, but now people are blaming Manny Pacquiao for robbing them of the ‘fight of the century,” boxing analyst Ed Tolentino said.