Bourbon Chocolate Slices Resembling Cheese Singles Setting The Trend

Bourbon Chocolate Slices Resembling Cheese Singles Setting The Trend
ridiculously simple mousse Crystal / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

Japanese company Bourbon, taking the concept of cheese slices and developing it further, has created thin chocolate slices.


The company launched the chocolate slices along with ways on how users can consume it, according to Daily Mail. They can be placed in a sandwich, or put on crackers and in crepes, or rolled in cake rolls. The slices are made up of what is called “nama chocolate,” a combination of cocoa and heavy cream that makes it rich and more intense in flavor.

The advertisement of the chocolate slices reads, “Full-bodied deep, melting in the mouth smooth ganache [sic].” Each slice is only two millimeters thin. “Cute handmade chocolate cracker sandwich crackers…wrapped in with fruit and cream crepes for a fruit chocolate crepe [sic].”

Mashable reports that the chocolate slices, sold only in bulk, and having a refrigerator shelf life of six months, are available on the company’s online store. A dozen, five-pack slices, can be bought for 3,240 yen, which is about $27.

Reactions over the recently introduced chocolate have been largely mixed. One fan said, “Wow! Toast some nuts in the toaster-oven, lay a slice of chocolate on top of them briefly, then use a spatula to put it all on top of your ice cream! The world continues to conspire to sabotage my urges to diet!” Another said, “Must buy this for decorating desserts imagine cheesecake with these after you cut and then freeze the chocolate into little tulips!”

However, there were others who weren’t as impressed by the idea. One person said, “Chocolate is great, but I will never understand the attraction of putting it between two slices of bread.” Another said, “Both intrigued and disgusted at the same time…. how lazy does a person have to be to not use their own chocolate spread?”