Boston Police Captain Turns Over Own Son Allegedly Planning Series Of Terror Attacks

Boston Police Captain Turns Over Own Son Allegedly Planning Series Of Terror Attacks
Nine days after Boston Marathon Tragedy Rebecca Hildreth/Flickr CC BY 2.0

It isn’t easy decision to go against one’s own blood. But Boston police Capt. Robert Ciccolo had to do what he did. Upon his advise, the FBI arrested his own son Alexander Ciccolo on July 4 while the entire nation commemorated its 229th Independence Day.


The younger Ciccolo is accused of planning to commit terrorist acts in support of the ISIS group. Police found materials in his apartment for building bombs. It is alleged he planned to attack a crowded undisclosed university campus cafeteria. He is likewise charged with the unlawful receipt of multiple guns, which he could use in his alleged plan to slaughter students live online. The school is said to be a State University in another state.

A report by Boston Herald states the suspect had long been under surveillance by federal agents. He is known as Ali Al Amriki in the ISIS world.

Ciccolo was said to have told a cooperating witness he “knew how to use sniper rifles and that he had grown up with guns,” being the son of a law enforcer. He is scheduled to appear in federal court in Springfield tomorrow.

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“While we were saddened and disappointed to learn of our son’s intentions, we are grateful that authorities were able to prevent any loss of life or harm to others. At this time, we would ask that the public and the media recognize our grief and respect our desire for privacy,” Ciccolo’s family said in a statement posted on The latter is the website for the Boston police. The older Ciccolo is a 27-year veteran of the Boston police force.

The FBI said that the day before his arrest, agents saw Ciccolo buying a pressure cooker at Wal-Mart. The item was similar to those used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

It was in Sept 11, 2014 when Capt. Ciccolo alerted the terrorism task force about his son. He told the FBI the young man “had become obsessed with Islam” and that he had expressed a desire to go overseas and fight for ISIS.

Rick Mathews, director of the National Center for Safety and Preparedness, told NEWS10 they were initially shocked that Ciccolo was being turned by his own father. But they understood what the older Ciccolo was doing.