‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers For August 1-5: Eric Warns Quinn of Danger, Liam tells Wyatt to Keep Quinn Away from Steffy

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers For August 1-5: Eric Warns Quinn of Danger, Liam tells Wyatt to Keep Quinn Away from Steffy
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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed that Eric is glad to find Quinn took the flight to Monte Carlo to be with him but warns her of the danger of being there, Wyatt and Liam gets into disagreement and Steffy catches Eric and Quinn on the beach.


Though Eric is pleased with the effort that Quinn took for the sake of spending some quality time with him, he is not yet ready for the exposure. He tells Quinn that her being here could invite danger. But Quinn shakes it off with a sly smile, implying that dealing with danger can be exciting at times.

Eric holds Quinn in his arms and tells her that Monte Carlo is magical and passionate. While Quinn is really deeply in love with Eric, her goal of winning acceptance from a Forrester is still in play. She can be quite obsessed about what she is pursuing and at times it may even mean getting a scheme to work out, the Celeb Dirty Laundry reported.

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Steffy will be in for a shock when she finds out about the clandestine affair between Eric and Quinn, the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicated. Wyatt and Liam get into disagreements on almost everything, which is certainly because of their love for Steffy. The discord between the two will cause a lot of drama on this week’s episodes.

Liam asks Wyatt to keep Steffy as far away as possible from Quinn since she is a lunatic. Wyatt believes that his mother is being misunderstood as always and tells Liam that he has everything under control. Wyatt is, however, still pretty sure that he and Steffy are going strong and there isn’t anything Liam can do to take her away from him. But Wyatt may not realize that having Quinn around could actually mean a lot of trouble for Steffy.

According to a report by the Soaps.com, Quinn is at the moment emotionally charged up, and may take some drastic steps. Though it is still not known what exactly she would do, but this time Eric would interfere before she does something bad.

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