Boko Haram Kills 350 Teachers

Boko Haram Kills 350 Teachers
Photo Credit: VanDammeMaarten via Compfight cc
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The Boko Haram in Nigeria has killed more than 350 teachers and destroyed 512 schools. The number of children killed is yet to be accounted for because the deadly terrorist group remained prowling in areas it occupied, said Dr. Shettima Kullima, Executive Chairman of the Borno State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).


“Boko Haram insurgencyies have afflicted the basic education delivery in Borno State,” he said during the 14th quarterly meeting of the Universal Basic Education in Nigeria. “The terrorists have destroyed not fewer then 512 schools, when you translate this to classrooms, it is over 1000 classrooms. They also killed 350 teachers,” Kullima outlined as quoted by The Sun.

He added that the number of children who died in the atrocities are yet to be accounted for because most of the areas that are still under the occupation of Boko Haram are not safe for the authorities to go into and take a head count. He stressed that “it is quite impossible” to penetrate these region. What’s worst is that they have yet to get support from anywhere else. “We are worse than conquered territory, so because of that only the state government is shouldering all the responsibilities,” he said.

In November, Boko Haram was named as the deadliest terrorist group by the Institute of Economics and Peace. It is deadlier than the ISIS who had 65 countries going after them. The Global Terrorism Index, a study of terrorist activity around the world, found that Boko Haram was responsible for 6,664 deaths in 2014 alone – more than any other terrorist group in the world. The ISIS, on the other hand, killed 6,073 people in 2014.

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Worse, the Boko Haram had pledged allegiance to the ISIS this year. Together, they were responsible for half of all global deaths attributed to terrorism, the report said.

On Thursday, Amb. Samantha Power, The United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, called for military action to end the violence of Boko Haram. Power had called for a regional strategy to disrupt Boko Haram’s hideouts, weapons supply and means of recruitment.

“The repeated attacks by Boko Haram, which have killed 27 in the Lake Chad region, require viable military action and a wider regional strategy,” Power said as quoted by the Vanguard. “It’s also essential that the socio-economic conditions areas being exploited by Boko Haram be addressed and that their dire humanitarian conditions be addressed as well,” Power said further.