Bogus Facebook Post Gives PH Presidentiable Rodrigo Duterte Supporters False Hope ‘Rape Joke’ Candidate Will Win?

Bogus Facebook Post Gives PH Presidentiable Rodrigo Duterte Supporters False Hope ‘Rape Joke’ Candidate Will Win?
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The Singapore Embassy in Manila is currently irked for a misleading Faceook post that claimed Singapore’s prime minister is endorsing Philippines’ Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte. Many of Duterte’s fans were thrilled to read that the prime minister reportedly supports their preferred candidate. Singapore now sets them straight.


The bogus fake endorsement stated: “Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the only presidential candidate that could make Philippines like Singapore.” Singapore Embassy to Manila took to Facebook to announce their dismay over the fake claim and is currently seeking legal advice on how to deal with the bogus FB user, as reported by Phil Star.

Before they announced that they are seeking legal advice, the Singapore Embassy on Thursday used the same social media account to deny Lee’s photo endorsement, which is still circulating online up until now.

According to the Singapore government, it does not believe in meddling with other nation’s affairs. “The Embassy has learned of a FB post mischievously alleging that the Prime Minister of Singapore endorses a presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential election in the Philippines. This is untrue. Singapore does not endorse any candidate,” the embassy said.

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“The choice is for Filipinos alone to make. We wish the Philippines well in the conduct of its elections,” it added.

Duterte is currently one of the most controversial candidates to ever have run for presidency in the Philippines. He recently put off a lot of people, within and outside the Philippines, when he made a rape joke involving a slain Australian missionary. On his joke, he said he was angry at the rapists because as a Mayor, he should have had first dibs on the missionary because she is so beautiful. The joke angered many, particularly social media users.

According to ABC Online AU however, it is quite a conundrum on how Duterte still managed to increase his lead from the other candidates after his rape joke and the backlash this received. The latest survey was carried out from April 18 to 20, just days after the video of him making the tasteless joke circulated. The survey was prepared by the research institute Social Weather Station.

A spokesman from the station, named Leo Laroza said that even though Duterte’s lead increased, this does not necessarily mean his popularity was not affected. “It’s a clear lead. The joke could have affected him in such a way that his score could have even been higher had it not been for that news,” Mr Laroza said.