Boeing Loses Freighter Order, Bringing Orders For 747 Down To Zero

Boeing Loses Freighter Order, Bringing Orders For 747 Down To Zero
747-8P / Boeing
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It was once the one of the most in-demand aircrafts for commercial travel around the world. Sadly, the reign of the Boeing 747 in the skies and among airline fleets have long ended. And now, Boeing is faced with the possibly that no one would want to order it anymore. Nonetheless, Boeing insists on continuing to produce the legendary aircraft.

According to Boeing’s orders and deliveries for commercial aircrafts through September 2015, there were a few standing orders for the 747. One was from Atlas Air and three were from Silk Way Airlines. The said orders, however, seem to have already been canceled as the change in gross orders for the year is now -4 for the 747, bringing its total 2015 net orders to zero. Meanwhile, Bloomberg also reports that Nippon Cargo Airlines has also recently canceled its order for four 747 jumbo jets. This amounted to $1.5 billion.


Nonetheless, Reuters reports that Boeing actually has 25 firm orders for the 747 jumbo jet that is equivalent to about two years of production. Each aircraft is worth about $379 million. At the same time, Boeing spokesman Doug Alder has also told Reuters that Nippon’s recent order cancellation actually will have “no impact on production rates.”

Amid the current sales slump, all optimism may not be lost yet for the aging 747. Boeing actually won a commitment for 20 747 jumbo jets from Volga-Dnepr Group, a Russian cargo airline, back in June. At the same time, the U.S. Air Force has also reportedly agreed to purchase an unspecified number of 747 aircrafts for Air Force One. However, both orders are yet to be made firm.

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