Boeing Bigger Space Bins Now Onboard Alaska Airlines’ New 737 Aircraft

Boeing Bigger Space Bins Now Onboard Alaska Airlines’ New 737 Aircraft
Alaska Airlines Space Bins / Boeing Website

Boeing is proud to announce that its 737 commercial aircraft will soon enjoy the space luxury of its Space Bins, as can now be experienced onboard the first 737 that has been fitted with them and is now part of Alaska Airlines aircraft fleet.


Alaska Airlines Vice President of Marketing Sangita Woerner says that their airline has been keen to improve cabin experience for the past several years. And in view of this, the airline had made a sizable $150 million investment towards Boeing’s Space Bins to help make the flight more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers. In this regard, Woerner says as much as 49% of the Alaska Airlines fleet should feature larger Space Bins by the end of 2017. And as for Boeing, the company says it will begin the retrofitting 34 aircraft with the Boeing Sky Interior in 2016. This will primarily include the 737-900ERs (ER is for Extended Range).

Having Space Bins onboard a 737 aircraft means being able to stow away 50% more carry on luggage overhead, helping maximize passenger comfort. In fact, onboard the 737 MAX 9 and 737-900ER aircraft, the Space Bins can increase the overhead bags (sized 9 in x 14 in x 22 in) capacity from 132 to 198. Meanwhile, both the 737 MAX 8 and 737-800 aircraft will be able to hold 178 bags, instead of 118 bags with the Space Bins. In addition, Space Bins also mean that the 737 MAX 7 and 737-700 aircraft will be able to hold 134 bags instead of 90 bags.

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At the same time, Space Bins make it easier for passengers to stow away bags without a flight attendant bin assist mechanism as the bottom edge of the Space Bins actually hang around 2 inches lower than the conventional Pivot Bins. Moreover, the Space Bins are also said to be much easier to close.

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Boeing says Alaska Airlines is set to receive 34 Next Generation 737 aircraft as well as one 737 MAX aircraft in the next two years. All will feature the new Space Bins. Meanwhile, Boeing’s other Space Bins customers include Delta Air Lines, United Airlines,, 9 Air and Air Europa.