Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis: Secret Affair Ruining ‘Food Network Star’?

Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis: Secret Affair Ruining ‘Food Network Star’?
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Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis are working together again on “Food Network Star” season 12. At the early days of the show, they were noticed to be so civil. Cooking show fans noticed that the show lacks luster and life.


According to She Knows, the show started off bland and promises no excitement. The two celebrity chef hosts lack rapport and the show does not entice the viewers to stay in tune.

Observers say that the hosts are not engaging and agree most of the time. The life of any show especially it is a reality show is on the ability of the hosts to interact with the contestants and the audience.

Lately, they were improving. Chatt Sports Net reported that Bobby Flay reportedly disagreed with Giada de Laurentiis on one woman contestant. Flay wants Ana to stay on the show while De Laurentiis wants her to go home because she does not possess the looks of a network star. However, she stayed on. Excitement is slowly creeping in the show.

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Some followers of the tandem were thinking that maybe there was still something between the two hosts. The rumored secret affair between the two was again brought to the fore.

Is it possible that Bobby Flay and De Laurentiis used to be together but the relationship did not materialize because of hindrances from their pervious partners? Did the show remind them of their affair that was nipped in the bud?

Another possibility is that because both of them have relationships of their own at present; they are being careful not to be rumored again.

Whatever the reason is, the network and the viewers hope to see an exciting show. Will the hosts bring home the bacon and make a high rating show?

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