BMW ‘Vision Next 100′ Is Car Of 2116

BMW ‘Vision Next 100′ Is Car Of 2116
BMW Vision Next 100 BMW

In the next 100 years, BMW believes that the auto industry will become bolder, more intuitive and definitely smarter.


It only makes sense that BMW has started thinking about their next 100 years of ingenious automotive evolution. After all, this year marks the company’s first 100 years, and from here, BMW believes that there are “exciting times ahead.” To give vehicles an exciting future, BMW created one unique goal: “to create the ultimate vehicles for experiencing sheer driving pleasure.” This means that creating a hassle-free car that is still exhilarating to drive. That is why they have produced the BMW Vision Next 100.

Karim Habib, the Head of BMW’s Automobile Design, said that the Vision Next 100 vehicle is all about emphasizing “that highly emotional Connection between a BMW and its driver.” Here, the driver and the car would be in constant communication.

For one thing, the car would feature what is called Alive Geometry. This feature serves as an analogue display system on the dashboard that would actively alert the driver to incidents or objects ahead. From the exterior, however, the Alive Geometry also helps optimize the car’s areodynamics while appearing like 4D-printed movable wheelhouse covers.

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Inside the BMW Vision Next 100, the driver will get to have a Digital Companion. It is almost like a virtual assistant that can give recommendations when it comes to personal mobility preferences on and off the car.

At the same time, the BMW Vision Next 100 will come with two driving modes. First is the Boost Mode in which the driver is able to experience “intense driving pleasure.” Then there is the fully automated Ease Mode. Here, the Companion shall take over all driving tasks as the car’s interior transforms into an individual comfort zone.

BMW’s automotive vision for the future is clearly different from anything else. Aside from that, it is also eco-conscious. According to a report from the Business Insider, the body of the Vision Next 100 concept car had been constructed using mainly recycled materials.

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