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BMW i3 just boosted its battery capacity for 2017 Model

BMW i3 just boosted its battery capacity for 2017 Model
BMW i3 – Frontansicht, 5. Oktober 2014, Düsseldorf M 93: „Dein Nordrhein-Westfalen“ / Flickr cc


BMW i3 just boosted its battery capacity for 2017 Model

BMW just confirmed an upgrade for the i3 electric car to hit the market in 2017. The ‘Green cars winner’ will be replacing its current battery for an increase of 50% by capacity in the newer model.

The new improvement will enhance its performance from 80 to 114 miles. Moreover, the denser lithium ion in the batteries will now help the i3 to surpass its recorded 22kWh to 33kWh without any physical changes to the outer battery.

Reports also suggest that the model would have an increase in its charge capacity, going from 1.9 to 2.4 gallons. However, the Range Extender Model hasn’t fully revealed its detailed specs for the 2017 upgraded model. The current version uses the 650cc two-cylinder gasoline engine for charging the vehicle during long journeys. The yet-to-release version may tweak if not change these current features.

Other features like faster charging have come down to 4.5 hours for full-charge at a Level 2 charger, while the older version requires 3.5 hours. However, the increase by 50 percent in battery capacity, the Verge believes the upgraded i3 would be faster in per kWh basis. Its 50kW DC allows the 2017 i3 model to charge 80 percent of the battery within 40 minutes compared to the 25 minute in the old version.

In more news, BMW has also confirmed that the i3 will be available in US in the Protaonic Blue metallic, the pattern that is currently available in BMW i8. With rising competition from Chevy Bolt (estimated 200-miles electric charge) and the Tesla Model 3 in late 2017, the i3 might not be enough to be a strong contender for the upcoming year.

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