BMW EnLighten App Now Predicts Changes In Traffic Signal

BMW EnLighten App Now Predicts Changes In Traffic Signal
Image from Pixabay
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What's This?

With the intention to avoid chaos and mishap at traffic signals, BMW will now be integrating the EnLighten App into its vehicles. Since we know that sudden change of traffic lights can be confusing and risky at times, expecially without knowledge of its sudden change, drivers who are at full speed can fail to stop the vehicle when needed, causing accidents. The app, which is already available on Android and iOS devices, will now run through BMW’s iDrive infotainment system.


How will it work?

Drivers will still have to access the app on their iOS and Android devices. The only difference now will be that the status at the traffic signal can now be seen on BMW’s iDrive Screen, making the accessibility of the app easier for drivers.

The EnLighten App doesn’t just help you with the current status of the traffic signal; it also predicts the changes in traffic lights. The exciting part is the countdown till the light actually changes. Kill boredom at the signal by just looking at the iDrive screen.

What are the benefits?

– Reduces the risk of road accidents

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— Stress-free driving

– Helps manage traffic flow

Who can enjoy this BMW connectivity?

Currently, EnLighten App on iDrive Screen is available only in few cities: Portland, Eugene and Salt Lake City. This does not mean that other cities will not be enjoying this iPhone-Android-BMW connectivity. The company will soon be introducing this facility in other cities as well.

This feature looks quite promising. Apart from offering convenience to the drivers, it is also offering a safe and pain-free driving experience. Not only is it doing good to BMW owners, but it also brings lots of safety on the roads for other drivers as well.