Blue Origin Plans To Offer 1st Space Tour By 2018

Blue Origin Plans To Offer 1st Space Tour By 2018
Antares Rocket With Cygnus Spacecraft Launches NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / FlickrCC BY 2.0
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Commercial space company Blue Origin has shared its plans to bring customers to space by 2018, bringing tourism to a higher level.


Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin, told members of the press, as reported by Yahoo News, that the said plans are underway for the world’s first manned space missions next year. Although the main purpose of this endeavor is to monetize the mission by bringing tourists to space, the first batch of individuals who will join the mission will not be paying tourists.

For obvious reasons, Bezos pointed out that going to space is not a walk in the park; it requires a lot of preparation, both mentally and physically. Although the company is planning to launch the mission by 2017, the first batch of tourists joining the company’s space mission will be selected in 2018.

Bezos said that the primary goal of the company is to establish that their tourist program is safe – the company’s priority at the moment. Next, the company needs to at least reach 100 successful suborbital flights every year. Until then, the first commercial tour to outer space will remain a plan. However, the company has made numerous launches and landings in the past years, a report from the company shows.

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The billionaire CEO added that the company’s plans to launch the world’s first manned tour services in outer space came from a childhood dream. Just like any other kid, Bezos said that this plan is part of his personal wish to fulfill one of his childhood dreams.

“I only pursue things I am passionate about. I never expected to have the resources to start a space company. I won a lottery ticket called Amazon dot com,” Bezos was quoted as saying by The Guardian.