‘I Blame Hillary Clinton’ Benghazi Victim’s Mother Slams Democratic Frontrunner For Son’s Death

‘I Blame Hillary Clinton’ Benghazi Victim’s Mother Slams Democratic Frontrunner For Son’s Death
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The Republican National Convention is underway and Hillary Clinton was the center of a very emotional speech. Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who lost his life in Benghazi, was straight to the point; she blames the Democratic Nominee for the death of her son.


The theme of this year’s convention is “Make America Safe Again,” which is an obvious play on Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.” Additionally, the theme also highlights the current state of security in America both at home and abroad.

Following speeches from famous Republicans such as Willie Robertson and the Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Pat Smith took to the stage and delivered a very emotional speech.

I Blame Hillary Clinton

In it, the mother of one of the slain Americans in Benghazi was blunt. “I personally blame Hillary Clinton” was her message. She accused the Democratic nominee of lying and incompetence being unable to save her son.

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In the night before the attack, her son told her “Mom I am going to die.” He added that all the security in the embassy has been pulled and when he asked why, he got no response.

To this day she said she did not know why a computer guy like her son was sent to Benghazi. She added that in that night people lost sons, brothers, fathers and husbands. America lost four brave Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice.

She compared herself to Mrs. Clinton and stated that she cannot believe how she can lie to a fellow mother and grandmother. The hall erupted in cheers and tears as this grieving mother blame the Democratic nominee for the Benghazi tragedy.

Clinton had previously made comments blaming an anti-Islamic video for the attacks which was proved to be false. She is currently still under scrutiny for Benghazi which is still taken by many as a hurdle she must go over in order to win the presidency.

Will Pat Smith’s emotional speech affect Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Let us know in the comments.

Watch the speech here:

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