Blake Shelton Racist: 2011 Twitter Posts, Homophobic Remarks Authentic?

Blake Shelton Racist: 2011 Twitter Posts, Homophobic Remarks Authentic?
County music star Blake Shelton entertains Fort Meade Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office / Flickr CC by 2.0

Blake Shelton is in hot waters after alleged racist and homophobic remarks from 2011 were uncovered. The 40-year old country singer is currently under attack by his own fans after the discovery.


The myriad of offensive tweets has since been deleted. However, screen caps of the tweets are still circulating on social media and are fanning the flames. Some of the tweets involve a joke about a non-English speaker being a bomber and even a “fantasy” about then 16-year old actress Dakota Fanning.

According to the Daily Mail, the authenticity of the tweets is yet to be independently verified. However this fact has not eased the torrent of social media attacks on Blake Shelton.

While some simply condemn his statements or accuse him of homophobia and Islamophobia some took it very personally. Others called him garbage and even called his music defeaning.

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Are The Tweets Authentic?

However, according to Heavy, if the tweets were posted way back in 2011 why is it that they were only noticed now? Shelton’s Twitter was far from private and such crass statements should have been sticking out like a sore thumb.

Some who were skeptical of the tweets’ authenticity offered a case for Shelton. At the moment however, the public believes that the tweets are genuine and are making a big deal out of the revelation.

Another disturbing tweet from Shelton’s account involves fantasizing about actress Dakota Fanning. It would play out as Shelton mistaking Fanning, who was 16 at the time, for Amanda Seyfried.

The Voice judge was also branded after calling the girl who broke his heart when he was 19 a fat bi**h. Shelton’s girlfriend, Gwen Stefani is reportedly upset about the tweets and the fallout that followed.

Instead of apologizing, Blake Shelton took to Twitter and laugh off the hostile messages. He later had a change of heart however, and apologized on his Twitter account.

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