Blake Shelton ‘Popped Big Question,’ Gwen Stefani Said Yes!

Blake Shelton ‘Popped Big Question,’ Gwen Stefani Said Yes!
Blake Shelton -DSC_0192-8.25.12 Joe Bielawa / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship is not a secret anymore. With the couple being seen at different Hollywood destinations, it is easy to know they are in love. But what happened when Blake asked the big question to Gwen? Obviously, she said yes.


If you are curious what the question is, be aware of the build-up. Gwen Stefani was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She mentioned she does not want to talk about her beau. Today Pop Culture reports her mentioning, “I thought it would be a good idea not to talk about Blake — just to see what would happen.”

While DeGeneres gave a mock approval to the request, photos of Blake and Gwen were shown on the background. She said, “Let’s just look at pictures then!” Gwen was then blushing and talking about him.

The pictures were so cute and adorable, Gwen could do nothing but blush. In one picture, she was sitting on the lap of Blake, and DeGeneres joked that there were not enough chairs in the room.

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Once they were into the conversation, Ellen asked, “So when he popped the big question … about you being his mentor [on upcoming season of ‘The Voice’], how did he do that?” Now, that’s a very “Big Question” for sure, Brides reports.

Gwen Stefani will not be in her usual position for The Voice season 10, but she will be a mentor for Blake. When he asked the question, she said, “Yes.” On Ellen, she mentioned, “I want to be on that show as much as possible,” adding, “I got so much out of it.”