Blade Runner Sequel Confirmed, Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling On Board

Blade Runner Sequel Confirmed, Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling On Board
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The Blade Runner sequel is finally happening. A press release was issued January 25, 2016,  stating that Sony Pictures have the rights to distribute Alcon Entertainment’s take on the classic film “Blade Runner.” In fact, Ryan Gosling was cast as the actor who will star alongside the film’s original lead actor, Harrison Ford.


Ridley Scott’s 1982 movie, “Blade Runner,” has been considered by IndieWire blogger, Kevin Jagernauth, as an “inarguable classic” film which marked the science fiction genre to be as competitive as other themes in the movie industry. Seconding the motion, Alcon Entertainment has opted to create Blade Runner 2.

The studio has confirmed the participation of the film’s lead actor Harrison Ford, who plays Rick Deckard, and even enlisted Ryan Gosling to star alongside him in the Blade Runner sequel. Furthermore, the company also confirmed that the director for the franchise would be Denis Villeneuve from “Sicario” and “Prisoners.” Initially, Scott was picked to direct the sequel. However, he stepped down.

Although Scott won’t be the one directing, he input his ideas on the Blade Runner sequel by helping out Michael Green and Hampton Fancher write the original screenplay. The production crew and cast will also be joined by cinematographer Roger Deakins.

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Filming for the Blade Runner sequel will start this July as was revealed in the press release.

The press release issued last January 25, 2016 verified that Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. are on board, and that they have exclusive rights to distribution in North America and Canada.

According to Alcon’s CEOs and co-founders, Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, “We are excited to work with Tom Rothman, Michael Lynton, and the entire Sony team on this very special project as well as maintaining our important and long-standing relationship with our domestic partner Warner Bros. Pictures.”

Considered as one of the greatest movies made and the greatest science fiction film of all time by several media publications, will the Blade Runner sequel live up to the original movie’s reputation?