Blackphone 2 From Silent Circle – For Smartphone Users Concerned About Safety

Blackphone 2 From Silent Circle – For Smartphone Users Concerned About Safety

Smartphones, desktops, and tablets – almost every gadget and operating system are at risk today. We all have heard about the Stagefright bug and how it affects our devices. When brands are working hard to fix these bugs to affect their sales figures, Silent Circle has gone a step ahead and launched a phone with better security.


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This phone from the privacy-enhancing software company dons a 5.5 inch screen with a new 1.7-GHz processor. Apart from these, Blackphone 2 comes packed with some wonderful other features. Here is a list of these features:

1. Encrypted calling

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2. Encrypted messaging

3. Automatic detection of non-secure Wi-Fi points

4. Devoted spaces for Snapchat and Facebook

Just like every other device, Blackphone 2 does not guarantee you total safety, but yes, it makes sure that no malware disturbs your safety and peeps into your private files.

Blackphone 2 is available for pre-order. Unfortunately, not many details have been given out by the company. So buyers have no other choice than to contact the company Silent Circle for further details.

Is this the end of malware and bugs?

We can say that companies are trying hard to come up with measures that does not just offer better security, but also end the risk of your devices being hacked. Today, the companies may not have surefire ways to stop these bugs from damaging your devices. They are trying hard and we are sure they will soon be successful.