‘The Blacklist’ Season 4: Red Is Not Liz’s Father – Confirmed!

‘The Blacklist’ Season 4: Red Is Not Liz’s Father – Confirmed!
The Blacklist – Panel Thibault / Flickr cc
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The central plot of “The Blacklist” always hang on a single question – “Is Red Liz’s father?” Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, it seems like the much-debated question has been answered at last!


‘The Blacklist’ Season 3

The Blacklist season 3 wrapped up with a cliffhanger no one was expecting, especially since the series has built a fandom solely on the mystery of the relationship between Reddington and Elizabeth. After one of the main characters was killed off close to the end of the season, then shockingly revived again in the finale, none of the fans were expecting to come face to face with another shocker, reports International Business Times.

However, the creators of the show have other plans as they had Alexander Kirk kidnap Liz, Tom, and their baby, disrupting the happy reunion of the family in Cuba. What came next were 5 simple words by Alexander Kirk to Liz that sent chills down the viewers’ spines.

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“Masha, I am your father.”

And with that ended hopes of Red being Liz’s father. However, many fans refused to believe that this is true, and that Red is still Liz’s father. However, when you hear the creator of the show confirm this fact (in an indirect manner, of course), there cannot remain more doubts whatsoever.

‘The Blacklist’ Season 4

In an exclusive interview with The Wall Street Journal, the creator of The Blacklist Jon Bokenkamp was asked if season 4 of the show would reveal the fact that Red wasn’t Liz’s father. To that question, he replied, “I thought we answered that question back in season 1.”

Fans would recall that Red had denied every time Liz had confronted him with the “Are you my father?” question in the first season of The Blacklist. So, was this a subtle confirmation by Bokenkamp?

As for the plans of The Blacklist season 4 plot, he said, “Well, all I know for sure is that it will continue to evolve. We’re still a procedural. There is almost always a case of the week that furthers the story in some way. I guess, personally, I’m more interested in the characters and how they’re changing than I am in telling an episodic story about bad guys… This is still Red and Liz’s story, but we’ve got a stable of incredible actors that I think we’ve finally just tapped into. Season 4 is going to expand that canvas.”

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  • tscchope

    Sure, Alexander Kirk is really ‘Liz’ father. The man she shot dead aged six and then her house burnt down right after, needing Red to pull her out of the flames. Alexander Kirk is a different height to the man ‘Liz ‘ shot. Interesting game Alexander Kirk has going on, though.

    • trustworth

      Alexander Kirk is liz step father raymond reddington is her real father