BlackBerry teases new phone that will ‘steal’ away iPhone and Android users

BlackBerry teases new phone that will ‘steal’ away iPhone and Android users
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blackberry CEO BlackBerry teases new phone that will steal away iPhone and Android usersBlackBerry’s men in charge have been trying to convince the investors and shareholders since long them BlackBerry is up to something really big that will swirl away all the market tilts in its favor. But uphill now, there has been no such roll out to back these claims.


However, the new, all beefed up CEO, who came and elevated the BlackBerry’s stock up to 70% from the ponds of  mid-$11 range last fall to a low of just $5.75 this past December, teased a new phone that will not only keep the current BlackBerry users on board, it will also “steal” new users from iPhone and Android. Now that’s a real big claim to make. It seems Chen, the new CEO of BlackBerry has something really heated up back in the development dungeons and his boys are really working on something amazing.

In a recent interview to a famous online blog, CEO of BlackBerry said that the company has long faced problems in creativity section and BlackBerry has not provided something out of the box. Because let’s face it, gone are the days to act as some big tycoon type mafia styled person having executive series of BlackBerry. It’s the time of young, colorful, zealous phones that have all the business features and BlackBerry has not given the useful, feature filled class of phones to its users.

“There are some moments that are really great “This is why there’s quite a bit of good chance for us to turn this thing around,” said the BlackBerry CEO who also teased this flagship at the Mobile World Congress trade show earlier this week, but Chen offered a bit more detail while speaking offstage.

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Experts say that the current and recently rolled out flagship of BlackBerry labeled “Q20” is to keep the user base intact for some time period whereas the next flagship will be something really out of the box and interesting. The release date is still murky but the officials from BlackBerry say that it will be anytime by the end of this year.

But there are some fears as well. Experts still remember the previous CEO of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, teasing a same kind of “game changer” device that will enhance the users across the board, but what happened? A few months after his announcement, BlackBerry launched Z30 which was the slowest device of all. Let’s hope the new CEO isn’t only fake marketing this time.


  • Just to correct the Author regarding calling the Z30 “slow”. That is not a correct statement. Far from correct, the Z30 is at this point the BEST smartphone in the industry. And user reviews will prove this basic Fact.

    The Z30 is also FASTER in Performance than anything out to date. BB10 does not require Battery Draining High End Spec’s. Its the most efficient mobile OS on the planet.

    But unfortunately, the so called “Android” players have lost “Innovation” and now rely on Hardware SPECS just to differentiate each other.

    I am all for high end specs’ so long as they are being utilized fully and efficiently. Running BB10 with such specs resolved this issue simply because it’s the only mobile OS superior in Multi-tasking etc., Running Android or iOS is a waist of high specs.

    I’m an Industry Insider, and must comment on miss-information, in this case your Z30 comment.

    Regarding this so called Flagship BB10 device, my sources have been floating around “64-Bit Octa-Core, Quad-Graphics, 4GB 5.2″HD 1080p, 16MP rear/8MP front Camera etc., with unique graphics features that will be available for this device only. Hardware specs alone in my estimation, will gain BBRY at least a 1 year lead.

    But this won’t just be a plain old 5.2” phone, Oh NO, not at all. This Timbit of info is sealed away for now. I promised my sources not to say a word on it, except for one word, it’s WOW…

  • 1magine

    Z30 is one of the faster devices on the market. The quad core GPU helps many Android applications run better on Blackberry then they do on Android devices. In fact the browser speed is universally recognized as tops in its class.

  • jaime

    Z30 slow? Wrong!
    It’s not slow at all, it just doesn’t have the extra unneeded specs. What would’ve been good in the Z30!? 3GB ram, because when you run a lot of demanding applications it lags a little, not enough to call the phone “slow”.