BlackBerry Priv Release: After AT&T, Priv To Be Available On Verizon, T-Mobile And Sprint

BlackBerry Priv Release: After AT&T, Priv To Be Available On Verizon, T-Mobile And Sprint
BlackBerry PRIV WEi WEi / Flickr CC BY 2.0

A few days ago, we informed you about BlackBerry Priv release plans on other leading carriers. The smartphone was available only on AT&T, and rumors say the Priv will not be released on other networks. But as the demand for the device is growing, carriers have decided to sell the Priv.


The last BlackBerry Priv release update said that T-Mobile will launch the device on January 26. And now, Sprint and Verizon will make also Priv available on their networks. Priv’s availability on Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile has been confirmed by John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry. The announcement was made at the CES 2016 with no additional information about the BlackBerry Priv release date. But as per a report published on CNET, Verizon will start selling this Android smartphone this March. The date is again not confirmed, but the carrier plans to launch Priv by the end of March 2016. Sprint has chosen not to comment on it.

BlackBerry’s CEO had said the company would move away from the smartphone manufacturing business if the device doesn’t achieve expected sales. But with Priv, times have changed for the better. Whenever the smartphone was launched on any of online platform, within a few hours, the devices get sold. No information is still made public about how many phones were listed on these sites. But yes, people love Priv. The main reason behind this is privacy.

Now that BlackBerry is expanding Priv’s availability, the purchase is going to become easier. Are you one of those waiting for this day? If yes, keep watching this space as we update you about the BlackBerry Priv Sprint and Verizon launch dates.

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