Black Phone: The Most Secure Android Phone Released

Black Phone: The Most Secure Android Phone Released
Silent OS Hero 2 from Black Phone’s website
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The much awaited, most secure Android phone which will be secure from the Big Brother has finally been released at Mobile World Congress.


The mobile is made especially to secure the network connections which are currently in trouble with the NSA. The strong security backup of black phone puts a lock on calls, messages and even the apps from any kind of external encryption.

The device is named as black phone because it wraps all the user information away from agencies such as NSA.

It uses an Android with a Quadcore 2GHz processor with 4.7 inches IPS display, built-in 2 GB RAM and given 16 GB card slot. The connectivity is LTE capable. The online network has high security as the Wi-Fi turns off automatically if it finds daunting network around. With the qualities and additional security bar it can shoot the modern running Smartphone sales.

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This device is a combined stake from Silent Circle and Geeksphone. Silent circle is a U.S based encryption firm and Geeksphone is a specialized handset design company in Spain. Both have tried to bring the best of design and performance. Silent circle was founded in 2012 by Phil Zimmermann who is highly reputed for the creation of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) for email. Last time Silent Circle brought up with the silent phone app which was developed for the iPhone and Android phones. According to the news, this phone will be up for sale on February, 24 and expected order delivering date is in June. The pre-order price is claimed to be $629 with 2 years of service included.

Blackphone has made improvements in Android to make it more secure.  Leaving behind the conventional Skype that runs with Microsoft servers the Blackphone has used VoIP which is the voice over internet protocol.

This has also elevated the security bonds. But the security is confined to peer to peer encryption. Which means that your communication is secure only if the person to whom you are connecting is also a Silent Circle user. Silent circle usually takes subscription charges for the app which is typically $10 per month but Blackphone is awarded with a free subscription for two years. Also there is a Spider Oak security backup spark in the device.

The phone can be a good choice for security ditched people. But due to its peer to peer encryption and monthly subscription, things can be difficult for the normal users.