Blac Chyna Homophobic, Causing Trouble For Fiancé Rob Kardashian’s Stepfather Caitlyn Jenner?

Blac Chyna Homophobic, Causing Trouble For Fiancé Rob Kardashian’s Stepfather Caitlyn Jenner?
Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Mike Mozart / Flickr CC
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While Rob Kardashian appeared to be madly in love with Blac Chyna, a recent report claimed that her being homophobic might be something to be concerned about. It can be noted that Rob’s father, Caitlyn Jenner, is a transgender.


In a tweet on March 5, 2010, the 27-year-old model and entrepreneur said, “I hate fags,” according to Hollywood Life. The entertainment site narrated that on Tuesday, several Twitter users reacted to the “very gross” tweet from the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star’s fiancée.

“The feeling is mutual!” commented the famous blogger Perez Hilton.

“I’m so mad i can’t wtf,” said fifty shades of gay™ (@timmy_crowley).

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It might have been a tweet six years ago, but it is now a concern, because she and Rob are officially engaged. With Caitlyn Jenner being a transgender, harboring feelings can cause trouble between the Kardashians and the model.

“Delete sis the white gays gonna come for you,” wrote Pest-Control☄ (@bowtome_) about Blac Chyna’s tweet six years ago.

Amid this situation, her fans were allegedly asking for an apology from her; some of them even pointed out that this could be the end of her career.

Meanwhile, Rob’s family is yet to react on this or Rob’s engagement. Tyga, however, already reacted and is very fine with the idea of his ex Chyna finally engaged to the man she loves. In a report by E! Online, it was learned that Blac Chyna’s ex took to Twitter to explain why he only has well wishes for the newly-engaged couple.

“Everybody deserves 2 be happy,” the 26-year-old rapper said about the engagement of his baby mama and the brother of his girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

“What some1 does for their happiness is not my concern, as long as it’s not interfering wit my happiness,” he wrote. “It makes me happy to see the mother of my son happy,” he added.

However, Tyga admitted that he is concerned about what this will mean for his son with Chyna.

“My only concern in this situation is my son,” he said.

“I want him in happy environments,” he explained when he aired out his thoughts about the engagement of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

“He’s innocent in this & I want him to feel as much love as possible.”

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  • Alphonso de Barbo

    Why shouldn’t Chyna hate queers… it’s a perfectly normal reaction!