Blac Chyna Absent On Rob Kardashian’s Family Birthday Dinner, Model Not Considered Family?

Blac Chyna Absent On Rob Kardashian’s Family Birthday Dinner, Model Not Considered Family?
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The Kardashians are making it clear that they don’t consider Blac Chyna to be family. The girlfriend of Rob Kardashian was not even invited to his 29th birthday party.


Despite their recent misunderstandings, the sock entrepreneur celebrated his 29th birthday with his famous family on Saturday. Most of the clan turned up on the belated beachside celebration in Malibu; even Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble. Kourtney’s ex, Scott Disick was also there. Noticeably absent though was Khloe, who was sick, Caitlyn Jenner, and Blac Chyna, Rob’s own girlfriend.

Hollywood Life learned from an insider that because it was a family event, Blac was was not provided with an invitation. It’s weird though considering Gamble was there. However, Rob himself may have decided that Blac should not join in the celebration. “Rob’s also cautious not to have any unnecessary drama affect his romance with Blac. In that kind of setting, it wasn’t really appropriate for her to be there,” the source added.

If this spells trouble for their relationship, it remains to be seen. Rob was not the inattentive and insensitive boyfriend that the source painted him to be, though. It can be remembered that the two spent time together on Rob’s exact birthday date. Chyna made breakfast for him and did everything to please her man on the special day. She even completed the day with shopping and spa.

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Interestingly, though, Tyga, Kylie’s boyfriend and Chyna’s ex received an invite on the celebration. He was not present in the beachside celebration, but he joined the family and dined at Nobu, a popular Japanese restaurant in Malibu. This means that Rob and Tyga got the chance to sit on one table, despite the situation. It must have been quite difficult for Rob, since Chyna also shared a child with ex Tyga.

On Tyga’s part, he already clarified his feelings on Rob and Chyna’s relationship. Speaking with E News, the “Rack City” rapper simply said, “Everybody deserves to be happy.”