Biographer Banned By Kardashians From Promoting Tell-All Book In Hollywood, What Is The Family Hiding?

Biographer Banned By Kardashians From Promoting Tell-All Book In Hollywood, What Is The Family Hiding?
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Looks like everyone would not be “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Famed biography Ian Halperin was reportedly banned from promoting his newest tell-all on the infamous family. Halperin felt he became a persona non grata in some television circles, who were influenced by the power of the Kardashians.


Ian Halperin, a New York Times bestselling author and filmmaker specializes in undercover investigations according to his website ianundercover.  He was the author of seven bestselling books and has directed three movies which included the highly acclaimed documentary “The Cobain Case.” He also appeared on both TV and radio shows like Dateline, Anderson Cooper, Howard Stern, Geraldo Rivera and The CBS Early Morning Show.

However, with his new tell- all book about the Kardashians titled, “Kardashian Dynasty,” he has now found himself a persona non grata in all TV circles, as stated  in Mirror. He had spent years profiling megastars in Hollywood but when he had published revelations about the highly-publicized family, he immediately felt different.

He claimed that the Kardashians’ big influence on big stations had something to do with the broadcast media blackout. He also claimed that they completely blocked him from air as they refused to be on shows that plugged his tell- all book.

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“Having people like the Kardashians influence major media outlets about what to air, the public loses out on hearing the truth,” he told Mirror as he was enraged by the snub. He also added, “They become victims of censorship and unfortunately end up getting only one side of the story. They have no shame ruthlessly suppressing information. It’s egregious and appalling.”

While an unnamed source said to Mirror, “Hollywood LOVES to gossip, so it’s been really strange not to see Ian talking about the Kardashians on all the showbiz news channels. He’s always managed to discuss his books before. It seems like something is up.”

Halperin’s “Kardashian Dynasty” made shocking and controversial claims about how Kim Kardashian West’s sex tape was leaked back in 2007. It also delved into the feud between the Kardashians and the former wife of the late Robert Kardashian, as reported by LA Weekly. While it cited how they rose up to the spotlight of fame, it also focused on how they suffered when their father died in 2003.

There is no question the Kardashian clan has a big influence in everyone. This is the first time that a biographer accused them of exercising their power in banning someone from TV shows though. According to Mirror, representative of the family has not yet responded on any comments regarding the issue.

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