Bing app on iPhone Now Lets You Search by Taking a Picture

Bing app on iPhone Now Lets You Search by Taking a Picture
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In an attempt to gain an edge over search engines, especially the leading player in the market – Google, Bing has come up with a whole new way to search images online. The Bing app on iPhones and iPads now let’s people search for anything that they want, using an already existing picture or by capturing a snap instantly on the app.


As VentureBeat reports, the feature has been exclusively launched for iOS users and Microsoft has yet to confirm whether we can expect to see it in Android or Windows mobiles anytime soon. This latest update from Bing is unique and a feature that has never been deployed by any other search engines so far, not even Google.

Even though Google has always beat all its contemporaries in the search engine market by a landslide, and continues to do so today, the “reverse image search” option that it had introduced a while back, does not have the same oomph-factor as the recently launched Bing feature. According to The Verge, Google’s picture search allows one to select pre-existing web images to elaborate on while the latest update from Bing takes it one step further by letting one use photos from one’s picture gallery or click a fresh one. The app then proceeds to scan the internet for images that correspond or are similar to the one that you have selected.

One will also have the liberty to crop a specific image to reflect only certain part of an image before uploading it on Bing. This narrows down the search area for Bing, allowing it to focus all its energies on a specific part of the image. One can also do the same with one of the images obtained via search results, guiding Bing in refining its next set of search results based on the specific part of an image that you highlight.

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