Bindi Irwin Pays Tribute To Steve Irwin On 18th Birthday, Marriage Still Not Priority

Bindi Irwin Pays Tribute To Steve Irwin On 18th Birthday, Marriage Still Not Priority
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Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi Irwin paid tribute to her late father who lost his life due to a stingray barb 10 years ago. In her 18th birthday, the Australian conservationist, wildlife expert, and TV personality shared a baby photo of her with her parents on Instagram.


In the post, she expressed her gratitude towards her loved ones for her “unforgettable journey” so far.

According to Gulf Today, the caption on her photograph that she didn’t know how to begin thanking her loved ones, and so she started by posting her baby photo. Bindi Irwin turned 18 today a decade after the Crocodile Hunter’s untimely death.

She also revealed that the photograph was shot in the first year of her life and she has changed a million times since it was taken. In addition, she also stated that they have gained an incredible member of the family, her brother Robert “Bob” Irwin.

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According to her, their conservation work with Wildlife Warriors took off all over the world. And her home, Australia Zoo continued to grow and has become the greatest zoological facility on Earth.

According to People, Irwin believes she is still not at the point of her life where marriage is a huge priority. She suggested that maybe five years down the road she will be ready, but she’s currently happy with where she’s at.

Her current boyfriend is Chandler Powell, a college student in Florida and a professional wakeboarder. The two first met in Powell’s visit to Australia Zoo.

After their friendship blossomed into romance, their individual responsibilities required them to have a long-distance relationship. The two has been relying on Skype and FaceTime to communicate with each other.

Bindi Irwin revealed that the distance has made it difficult. But thanks to Powell’s thoughtfulness, they have are able to make it work.

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