Bill Walton Asks Son Luke To Reject Lakers Coaching Job, Stick With Warriors

Bill Walton Asks Son Luke To Reject Lakers Coaching Job, Stick With Warriors
Bill Walton JAYZWELLING/ Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0

Lakers News: Hall of Famer Bill Walton has asked son, Luke, to stick with his current job as assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors. According to Bill, it would be best for Luke to reject all head coaching offers that come his way during the summer.


Recently, Luke had been linked with the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks – two teams that are likely to seek a new head coach in the offseason. On Wednesday, Bill appeared on ESPN First Take and spoke extensively about his son’s successful run with the Warriors.

“Money cannot buy what Stephen Curry is doing right now,” said Walton, who won two NBA titles, one MVP award and one Finals MVP award during the course of his legendary career.

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Warrior of the Golden State…

Luke, who spent over 10 seasons with the Lakers as a player, has been rumored to be the frontrunner to take over as the head coach of the Purple & Gold next season. However, Bill wants his son to stick around in Oakland.

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“I want what’s best for Luke Walton. I am a Warrior of the Golden State. It doesn’t ever get any better than what he (Luke) has right now (with the Warriors). Ever. In Life. Money will not make that happen again. It’s there now,” added Bill Walton.

Walton Sr. reckons that the Golden State Warriors are primed for a run of multiple championships. According to him, the rest of the league is playing catch up and are envious of Luke’s success. “Head coaching jobs, they are open for a reason. Championship teams always have the best players and coaches. The Warriors have that right now. It wouldn’t be wise for Luke to leave,” opined Bill.

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Lakers or Knicks?

Recently, Luke hired the Wasserman Media Group to represent him in negotiations for a heading coaching job. While there is one theory that Knicks president Phil Jackson wants his former player to join him in New York, league sources reckon that the budding coach wants to return to L.A.

“I think they’ve (Lakers) got some good, young talent. D’Angelo (Russell) looks like he’s really starting to figure out the speed of the NBA game. He’s playing fluid and controlling the tempo, like he did in college. I’m a fan of (Larry) Nance,” said Luke, further sparking rumors of his return to L.A.

Will Luke take his father’s advice? “Just stay there (in Golden State), Luke,” Bill Walton pleaded on Wednesday.

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