Bill Cosby Denies Chloe Goins’ Accusations, Lawyers Forcing Andrea Constand to Pay Settlement Expenses

Bill Cosby Denies Chloe Goins’ Accusations, Lawyers Forcing Andrea Constand to Pay Settlement Expenses
Bill Cosby Craig Dugas / Flickr cc
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Bill Cosby filed new documents refuting the allegations of sexual assault brought against him by former model Chloe Goins. Cosby claimed that Goins had no “clue” what it means to be in a relationship and thus the sexual assault case against him does not stand valid.


Goins filed a case of sexual assault against The Cosby Show star in 2015 at United States District Court in California, claiming she was only a teenager when Cosby made undue advantages towards her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

According to Goins, Cosby made her have a drink in a party, and took her to a room. The drink made her feel dizzy and sick and then she fell unconscious. She found herself lying naked and the comedian licking her toes, after waking up, the TV3 reported.

At the end of 2015, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office refused to file criminal charges under the case. And in February, Goins dismissed the federal lawsuit without prejudice. Three months later, Goins filed a fresh lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

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Goins also charged Bill Cosby with domestic violence, but the comedian’s lawyers have immediately dismissed the charges saying it’s impossible, the TMZ reported. According to the team, the charges of domestic violence is not possible because for that there needs to be at least a “dating relationship” between the persons in question.

Cosby’s team has further argued that according to the law, a dating relationship is defined as “frequent, intimate associations,” but Goins alleged that the incident took place on the first night they met.

Meanwhile, in another case, Cosby is trying to make Andrea Constand to refund the money for a civil suit settlement, the USA Today reported. According to Bill Cosby, she violated the terms of settlement by cooperating with police after her 10-year-old accusations of sexual assault case was re-opened.

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