Bill Cosby Asks Court To Reseal Testimony On Affairs & Drugs

Bill Cosby Asks Court To Reseal Testimony On Affairs & Drugs
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Lawyers of Bill Cosby are pushing to reseal the comedian’s decade-old testimony to prevent its use in his legal battles. The lawyers urged the matter at the 3rd U.S. Circuit of Appeals on Wednesday, but the members of the three-judge panel argued it would be pointless, stating that the damage has already been done.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cosby hopes that resealing documents will rule out the possibility of it being used in criminal sexual assault cases in Pennsylvania and other legal battles with women accusing the 78-year old of defamation and sexual assault.

The AP requested the release of the documents that contains Cosby’s deposition testimony given during a 2005 lawsuit brought by a Temple University employee named Andrea Constand. Cosby allegedly drugged Constand with sedatives and molested her at his home.

Both parties agreed to a settlement, and Constand was awarded an undisclosed sum. The full copy of the documents has been sealed in accordance with the terms of the settlement, but fragments are still available online.

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In the nearly 1,000-page deposition, Cosby admitted to having several affairs outside his marriage and how he obtained sedatives he used on the women he hoped to seduce.

ABC reported that according to Cosby’s attorneys, the released documents could cause great harm to Cosby, as his livelihood heavily relies on his reputation.

The AP’s lawyer argued against resealing the documents, stating Cosby had not only spoken out but also profited on issues of marriage and morality through advertising, TV shows and books.

The judges have said there is no indication of whether or not they would rule in favor of resealing the documents.

For the time being, Bill Cosby is out on a $1 million bail, while a court is considering if he can never be charged on the Constand complaint due to a binding promise made by a former prosecutor.

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